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Idiots do it their way

Chapter 2.3 The First Born


Hi everybody welcome to another installment of the Mendoza legacy. I am sitting here writing this on a lovely warm sunny day here in Cambridgeshire UK.  Yes we do have nice days here!!

I am slightly disappointed by the lack of stupidity of my sims so far.  They are too smart for there own good although Nolan has potential. I am hoping they will get more stupid and random as things progress.

I shall start by showing you a pic of the inside of the house that I forgot to add in the last two chapters.

pic 1

It is all on one level at the moment, you can see the tiny bathroom squeezed in between the two bedrooms.  The fenced of area to the side is Maya’s garden.  The fence is the best way to keep those pesky zombies away from the plants.  It is small but serves it’s purpose.

Maya: I want a bigger house.

Well go make some money then!

Maya: Um, pregnant

pic 2

That doesn’t stop you gardening though. Oh look that paparazi is back.

GlamPap: This will be front page for sure.

Oh yes, a pregnant woman gardening is what everyone wants to read about (!)

GlamPap: That’s what I thought. My editor is going to be so pleased.

Clearly they don’t teach sarcasm to paparazi!

pic 3

She decided to stick around and have a go hitting on Nolan.

GlamPap: So you want to go see a movie or something with me?

Nolan: I’m flattered but you will soon be old and grey.  I’ll pass thanks.

pic 4

If you were wondering what Nolan was doing outside he was checking out the new torch. It is always nice to see him tear himself away from the mirror.  I would post more pics of that but they would all look the same.

Nolan: Ooh a torch

pic 5

Nolan: I love this thing! It’s not as pretty as me but I like it.


pic 6

Nolan was so busy looking at the light he didn’t even notice the zombie shuffle by on his way to my veggies. This is when I realise I forgot the lock the gate so only the household can get in.

*resetsim* *locks gate*

pic 7

Nolan stands out there for frigging ages while I watch his motives drop.  For a moment I think I’m going to get my first fail but nope he comes inside to pee then makes a salad.

pic 8

Maya meanwhile thinks this is the best activity for a pregnant sim.

Maya: Got to keep in shape, I’m getting a little podgy.

A little podgy?! you’re pregnant!

pic 9

Nothing else of any interest happened during Maya’s pregnancy so time for a time jump.

Nolan: I’M HUNGRY!!

Um, Nolan behind you.

pic 10

Maya: Nolan. Hospital. Now!

Nolan: But I’m hungry

Maya: Now!

Nolan: Can I at least grab a sandwich first.

Maya: NOW!!

pic 12

Nolan: Damn woman making me take her to hospital with an empty stomach.

You chose to take her.

Nolan: *grumbles*

pic 14

Maya: Come on hurry it up

Nolan: *grumbles*

pic 15

Anyway here is the first born.  The naming theme is fruit so here is little Kiwi.  Kiwi is Hydrophobic and insane. His favs are Rap, Veggie chilli and spiceberry.

Maya: I never want to do that again.


pic 16

Maya actually loves the little guy and always takes care of him.  Her first act on getting home is to fed him.

Maya: There you go, all better.

pic 17

They both rolled a wish to marry each other so lets try this again.

Maya: Marry me?

Nolan: OMG Shiny!

pic 18

Nolan: Yes, the laser flare even enhances my good looks.

Maya: He said yes?

pic 19

Maya: That’s wonderful, want to celebrate?

Nolan: OK

And of they go to make baby number two.

Maya: What did you say? I told you no more babies.

Nothing, absolutely nothing (mwa ha ha ha)

pic 20

Nolan: Hey little buddy, guess who’s getting a little brother or sister.

Kiwi: *baby babble*

pic 21

Maya: Don’t worry sweetie your the only child I will have.

Yeah I wouldn’t do anything. *shifty eyes*

pic 22

Well that’s about enough of the cocoon, it’s toddler time.

Maya: Nolan hurry up you don’t want to miss your only son’s first birthday.

Nolan: Coming dear.

pic 23

And here he is as a toddler.  Isn’t he cute.

Nolan: he needs improving, don’t worry I’ve got this.

Um Nolan it’s fine seriously

pic 24

Nolan: There that’s better isn’t it.

You made him into a mini you.

Nolan: What else would I do?


Note: room will get made over in due course.

pic 25

I gave Maya a second outfit. I tried to make it look business like as she is trying to climb to business career ladder.  (when she’s finished popping out babies anyway)

Maya: What?!

pic 26

To calm herself Maya tends to her growing garden.

Maya: my plants are my babies.  I don’t need any more children.

pic 27

Later that day

Maya: I feel sick.

Ok so that explains the grumpy face

Maya: When I get hold of Nolan he’s going to be speaking an octave higher.

Whoa slow down! I don’t condone violence in this legacy.

pic 28a

Maya: *bleurgh* Nolan *bleurgh* when I *bleurgh* get hold of you

Well looks like Maya’s pregnant again. Poor Nolan.

That’s about all for this time but I will leave you with these pics of little Kiwi, enjoy.

pic 29 pic 30 pic 31 pic 32 pic 34

Torch Holders: 1

Life Time Wish Achievements: (+15) 0

Accidental Deaths: (-10) 0

Social Worker Visits: (-15) 0

Passing Out: (-5) 0

Each Sim that gets on Honor Roll: (+5) 0

Each Sim that failing school:  (-5) 0

Every 100,000 Simoleons : ( +20) 0

Fires: (-5) 0

Fights: (-5) 0

Self Wettings: (-5) 0

Each sim that reaches top of Career : (+10) 0


4 thoughts on “Chapter 2.3 The First Born

  1. Kiwi is a cutie! I’m guessing his fave colour is either white or spiceberry, going by the hair. And if I can see in that last pic correctly, he has pink eyes? coot!

    • Yes he does have pink eyes. I think Tobias was the first one to have pink eyes. I didn’t think they would be this dominant in the genetics. Only one of Maya’s kids has a different colour eye

  2. Ha ha ha! Nolan is a riot! Aw little kiwi is adorable. I laughed at Nolan making him a mini me! I like his colouring.

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