The Mendoza ISBI

Idiots do it their way

Chapter 2.1 New Beginnings


Hi! I know it’s been a long time but the Mendoza’s are back, well most of them.  As I mentioned before this is now an ISBI (I’m Surrounded By Idiots) legacy.  I am sure most of you already know how this works so I won’t go into great detail about it.

An ISBI challenge/legacy means I can only control one sim per generation.  All the rest must be left to free will.  There will be a few exceptions to this such as sending the sims to the dresser or mirror when a makeover is needed or getting them a job.

One final thing I hope you like the new banner and background.  The background is in Maya’s fav colour Aqua. (if your reading this after her gen is finished try to imagine it!)

OK I think that will do for introductions, lets meet our Generation 2 heir.

Maya welcome card

This is Maya, she doesn’t always look like that.  When she smiles she looks rather pretty but as you can see she is a coward and hates outdoors so she is not happy here.

Maya: I could have told you that.  Now build me a house already, I refuse to sleep under the stars.

It was good enough for your mother.

Maya: Well not for me. Get building.



Maya: Not bad, not bad at all.  *rushes inside*

I had to take the picture in build mode due to it being night time and therefore very dark. Also I allowed myself a budget of 10,000 simoleons to build this.  I used cheap options in regards to fixtures and fittings. I think I getting rather good at this house building lark. (I still fail at remembering to take pictures, I forgot to take a pic of the inside)

Maya: Never mind, they’ll see it soon enough.

You are definitely Jacklyn’s daughter.


Blimey she’s only just moved in and the paparazzi are here already (she is a level 1 celeb BTW).  This guy is called Nolan and he doesn’t look that bad so I send Jacklyn out to say hello.  She has already put herself to bed so naturally she goes outside in her underwear. (only in the sims!)

Nolan: Why do I get the nobodys, when will they give me a proper celeb to stalk.


Maya: Hi I’m Maya, What are you doing on my lawn?

Nolan: Oh I’m just here to watch your every move through your windows and photograph you.

Yeah because that’s not at all creepy.

Maya: I think you should leave.

Yeah they didn’t really get on she’s a party animal and he’s a loner.


The next day Maya heads off for graduation.  I didn’t realize I moved her out before that happened.  That’s how interesting I find it, but then since I live in England the whole concept of graduating from high school just seems a bit odd.

Maya: Are you still here?

Nolan: *pretends not to hear*


Maya: Well I’m bored what’s next? *rolls wish for party*

Oh yes I am now doing this fun little rule where I have to fulfill any wish the torch holder rolls so I guess it’s party time.


I invited her family and the few friends she has.  I don’t know who the shaggy guy next to Maya is, I didn’t invite him.

ShaggyGuy: I just want to feel loved.

Susannah: This is a nice house but you know you could have used more of your parents money and built a nicer house.

Maya: I know Auntie but this is what I wanted.


Guess who rolled a wish for Pizza.  Atta girl, can’t beat takeaway pizza, yum.

PizzaGirl: I have an idea why not come get the pizza as soon as I ring the doorbell.

Maya: Yeah, sorry about that.

She did try but everyone kept getting in her way.


Apollo: This pizza makes me feel like singing.

Maya: Please don’t.

Everyone else: You in my way I can’t get to the pizza.


Maya decides to confront the party crasher and tell him to leave.

Maya: This is a private party I think you should leave.

Miles: You heard the lady.

He is so protective of his baby sister.  He is always watching out for her. He actually joined in on his own, how sweet.


Maya: And then Miles punched him in the gut like this.

Susannah: yay!

Um, I don’t think that actually happened.

Everyone on sofas: Maya move we can’t see the telly.

The blonde on the sofa is Maya’s twin Mia. She is so pretty.


Aw look it’s nice to see the family doing something together.

Apollo: Shush they’re getting to the vote.  I want to see if this freak gets through to the next round. (reference to Britain’s Got Talent which is currently airing in UK)


I an attempt to find Maya a man I send her to the love day festival.  I don’t think this guy is right though. He looks like one of the guys from Three Men and a Baby.

Maya: Has this guy ever heard of personal space


After leaving the dance floor Maya runs into Miles who introduces her to his friend Javier.

Javier: It is nice to meet such a beautiful lady. (for some reason I imagine him with an exagerated Italian accent. Kind of like that guy from the simpsons.)

Maya: (I know he means well but he really isn’t my type)

I hear you.


So with no eligible batchelors at the park Maya spends the afternoon playing horseshoes with her brother.

Maya: YES I’m winning!!Screenshot-54

With Love Day over I get Maya a job in Business that she wanted.  Here she is on her first day.  Doesn’t she look happy.

Maya: *rolls wish to go indoors*

*wish fulfills in carpool*

That makes no sense to me but oh all easy LTR points.

I think I shall end it here.  Next time the madness truly begins.

Torch Holders: 1

Life Time Wish Achievements: (+15) 0

Accidental Deaths: (-10) 0

Social Worker Visits: (-15) 0

Passing Out: (-5) 0

Each Sim that gets on Honor Roll: (+5) 0

Each Sim that failing school:  (-5) 0

Every 100,000 Simoleons : ( +20) 0

Fires: (-5) 0

Fights: (-5) 0

Self Wettings: (-5) 0

Each sim that reaches top of Career : (+10) 0


4 thoughts on “Chapter 2.1 New Beginnings

  1. I like Maya. Haven’t done Business career for ages, so it shall be fun watching her. I foresee lots of parties in her future, with that party animal trait and you doing No Wish Left Behind.

  2. Maya’s pretty. Cute little house bet that will get bigger!
    I’ve not done No Wish Left Behind so will be interesting to see what happens.

    • Yeah I like Maya. I never see myself as that good when it comes to house building so thanks ❤
      I added this rule purely to challenge myself. I have a bad habit of discard some wishes when playing other files.

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