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Updated downloads and generation two

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Hi there, I know it has been a while since I did anything to this legacy and I am sorry for leaving it for this long.  As I mentioned before I didn’t get on well with the thief legacy and wanted to change it to something else.

I think the main reason the thief legacy didn’t work for me is due to all the restrictions and rules.  For me playing the sims is about the freedom you have to create whatever you want and putting restrictions on what you can and can’t do spoils it for me.  This is why it has taken so long to decide where to take this legacy next.  I have looked at many challenges and legacy ideas and read many stories relating to them.  Many I chose not to do because the list of rules about what you can and can’t do were stupidly long.  One challenge/legacy stuck out as a good and fun thing to do while still allowing the freedom I love.

I can now announce that from Generation two this will be an ISBI challenge.  I believe this will test me on letting my sims do whatever instead of controlling their every move.  I will be keeping a tally at the end of every chapter.

Jacklyn’s children have all grown up now, here’s what they look like.


This is Miles I think he looks a bit like Jacklyn

Screenshot-3 Screenshot-30

This is Zak and Apollo. I think Apollo (in green) looks a LOT like Tobias.

Screenshot-7 Screenshot-6

And finally the youngest Mia & Maya.  Mia is the blonde one and Maya the dark haired one. Aren’t they all a handsome bunch.  The download page will be updated to include their YA forms

Edit: The download page has been updated.  


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