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Epilougue – Goodbye Jacklyn

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This is just a short chapter looking back on Jacklyn’s life and saying a final goodbye to her.  While I enjoyed writing the previous chapter in a different style I will stick to my usual style for the most part.

remembering jacklyn

Jacklyn: Wow that’s a good picture you found of me.

It’s one of the few I have with you smiling. Now hush.


After moving in to the new house I made this pretty memorial garden for Jacklyn.

Jacklyn: I thought you would just leave me behind.

Your my founder, I wouldn’t do that.


Tobias loves it and spends a lot of time there.

Tobias: Why did she have to go so soon. What am I going to do without her?

Mendoza (92)

Pics (15)

Despite their differences Jacklyn & Tobias really cared for each other. They enjoyed every moment they spent together right from the start of their relationship.

Jacklyn: That was my wedding day, it was so beautiful with the snow and the full moon.

snapshots (1)


pic 28 pic 33

Jacklyn was also a good mother despite her initial reservations.  She truly loved every one of her children from the first to the last and wanted nothing but the best for them.

Jacklyn: Isn’t that what any mother wants?

And finally she was a good thief and among the many curtains and lights she stole there was some good stuff too.

Mendoza (138) Screenshot-11

Jacklyn: That was my defining moment.

pic 35

Rest in peace Jacklyn knowing that you had a good life and achieved a lot in your time (although not your LTW)

Jacklyn: Nobody’s perfect.

You just had to ruin the ending, didn’t you.


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