The Mendoza ISBI

Idiots do it their way

Chapter 1.7 The End of The Line


My name is Jacklyn Mendoza and this is the story of how my life of thievery came to an end. Now I know how things turn out would I change anything? No, If I did I might have never met Tobias or had my beautiful boys.

Looking back I guess it all started when that strange portal appeared near the mail box. I had heard about them from friends, something to so with time travel apparently. Reminds me of a TV show the boys watch.  When the portal appeared I couldn’t help but think of all the stuff I steal.  I do try to be a good role model but I guess old habits are hard to break.

pic 1

I was keen to see what it did but I was not going to just jump in without doing a bit of research first.  There were dangers involved in time travel so Miles told me.  He is a sweet boy but a bit of a wimp most of the time.  I honestly can’t see him amounting to much.

I asked my friend Maggie about the portal.  She works at the science center and mentioned before that they are studying the portals.

pic 2

Maggie stopped by after her morning run. I can’t help but wish I was her age again and be able to wear shorts like that. It makes me so jealous, especially when I see the way Tobais looks at her.

“You saw the portal out front right?” I quizzed, eagerly. “It’s the same as the one you are studying?”

“That’s right, where did you get it?” Maggie asked.  She seemed a little suspicious.

“It just appeared this morning.” I told her honestly. “I was wondering if you could tell me what it does.”

“I don’t know if I should Jacks, I don’t want you or the boys to get hurt.” she seemed genuinely concerned.  Maybe the rumours of an accident during testing were true after all. My curiosity got the better of me though.

“Mags come on, I’m just curious.  This strange thing appears out of nowhere and you think I’m just going to ignore it.  You know me better than that.”

She then caved and told me everything I needed to know about the portal.  During testing they had discovered the portal takes the user into the future to a place called Oasis Landing.  Mags seemed reluctant to tell me anything else.

pic 4

After Maggie left I looked over to see Tobais involved in a water ballon battle with the boys. He is so good with them, I feel so lucky to have him.  It made me feel a little guilty for what I was about to do. There was no going back now though, I had made up my mind.  The future was calling me.pic 3

With no further hesitation I pressed a button on the base of the portal with activated it.  After a few initial sparks the centre was soon filled with a large ball of energy.

“This is going to change my life” I told myself. My intentions at that point were purely selfish.  I could only think of how this would affect me.  Sometimes I wonder if I deserved such a wonderful family.

pic 5

My mind was made up, I took a deep breath and stepped into the light hoping I would still be in one piece when I came out again.

pic 6

“OOWW” I said as I emerged from the light.  “That’s a rough ride.”

Once I got over the initial pain I realised I had made it, I was in the future.

pic 7

“YES!” I shouted with glee. It was hard to contain my excitement at that point.  I was in the future and I had so much I wanted to do.  I started by looking around the building I had arrived on.  There were several items just lying around as if the owners expected people to take them.  I helped myself to a jet pack, hover board and a virtual pet thing I’m sure the kids would enjoy. I also found a picture of the town I was in. It looked so different from Midnight Hollow, everything was so bright.

pic 8

First on the agenda was to take a look around and familiarize myself with the town.  I was feeling hungry so after looking at the map I had taken I headed to a nearby cafe to grab a bite to eat.  All the food was synthesized and there was a lot to choose from but all I wanted was a Fried Peanut Butter and Banana Sandwich, my favorite.pic 10

After eating I decided to try out the jet pack.  I had seen a few people whizzing around on them and was keen to have a go myself.  I couldn’t believe how easy it was, I soared around gracefully before landing with a bump.  I guess I need to practice a little more.  Still I was loving Oasis Landing more and more.  I wanted to see everything.

pic 11

The one thing that struck me was how many robots there were.  Everywhere I went they were there.  I asked one of them what places I should visit while in town.  My interest was peeked when he suggested I visit city hall. Apparently there are all sorts of historical records available for viewing including previous Lotto results.  I went there straight away and was in luck, I found the results for drawing for the time I had left.

pic 9

With the exploring done I headed over to a house I had heard was owned by a family with the same surname as me.  I wondered if they were my decendants. But even more I wondered if they had anything worth stealing.

When I arrived I was shocked at how old fashioned and shaby the house looked.  It was worse than my own house back in Midnight Hollow. Still I was here now, might as well meet them.

pic 12pic 13

A rather rounded woman answered the door and greeted me with a hug like we were old friends.

“Emit told me you were here, It is so good to meet you.” she told me excitedly.  “I am Rachel, I believe I am descended from you.”

“Well it’s good to know at least one of my boys ends up having kids.” I said as nicely as I could muster

“Come in, come in. You are most welcome.”

pic 14

Once inside I decided to take a look around.  The whole house was shabby and there wasn’t anything that looked expensive. I did find a nursery which is now short a crib.  It’s a new low for me, stealing from me own family.  At the same time it gave me a bigger thrill. I wondered if I would ever be able to stop.

pic 16

As I went around the house taking whatever caught my eye I prayed Rachel wouldn’t catch me. Looking at the place, being robbed was the last thing they needed. It’s a shame I enjoy the misfortune of others. I did feel a bit guilty when I thought what Tobias and the boys would say if they could see me.

pic 19

Having taken all I dared from Rachel’s home I left and headed back to the community centre for the night. The next day Emit asked if I would check out the mysterious door in the wasteland.  I figured out the door needed a key and started searching in debris patches nearby.  I spent all day in the wasteland, I hadn’t expected it to be so big.

pic 21

By evening I had all the pieces I had all the pieces I needed but I was feeling a little unwell so I headed back to base to get some rest.  I spent most of the next day in bed or in the bathroom throwing up.  One of the robots scanned me and confirmed my fears, I was pregnant. I made a mental note to kill Tobias when I got back.  He had assured me he had been to the hospital and had the snip.

pic 22

Putting that thought aside when I was well enough I borrowed some baggier clothes, okay so maybe I didn’t ask the owner first.  I headed back to the wasteland and put the key in the centre of the door. I was begining to regret doing this at night. I had no idea what was inside.  For all I knew killer robots would come flying out and I would die here.

pic 23

Thankfully that didn’t happen.  It was actually a little disappointing.  Just a small network of rooms with a few things I could take.  Emit could get someone else to do his work for him, I was done with that. All this work for little reward, no thanks.

pic 26

I spent the rest of my pregnancy resting at the community centre. I did visit the hospital though. They offered me the chance to choose what my baby would look like, even the gender.  I had always wanted a little girl and I was not prepared to have anymore children after this so I accepted their offer, I now knew for certain I was going to have the daughter I had always wanted.  It wasn’t long before I went into labour, apparently the drugs the doctor had given me to help with the pain actually shortened my pregnancy time.  Isn’t the future great.

pic 27

I was so happy to finally hold my daughter, but not so happy when the second one came. Tobias was so going get it when I got back.  I named the girls Mia & Maya and spent a couple of days resting before I was allowed to travel back to my own time with them.

pic 35

I was so happy to be back home again, the first thing I did was to go to the grocery store and buy a lotto ticket using the information I had gathered. I was so pleased when I won the jackpot that I went outside and danced in the rain.

Naturally I had the house remodeled.  None of this living on whatever we could steal anymore.  I was a millionaire and I wanted my children to have the best I could give them.

pic 29

It wasn’t long after the remodel was done that I began to feel a bit odd.  I was inspecting the new kitchen when it happened.  I actually vanished for a few seconds, it really scared me. Was I going to vanish completely? What would become of my family if I did?

pic 30

After the vanishing I went to the hospital and explained everything. They said they knew what was wrong.  I was suffering from Time Paradox Sickness. It is common for amateur time travelers to get it after returning to their own time.  Usually it is treatable but as mine was such a severe case there was nothing they could do.  I didn’t need to hear the next bit, I knew I this was the end. I began to set my affairs in order.

pic 34

When I got home I saw that Tobias had had some back luck of his own. He was struck by lighting while getting the mail. I knew he would need someone to help look after the children as well as himself.  I asked my good friend Susannah Forsythe to move in with us.  I told her about my sickness and that I wanted her to look after my family when I was gone.

pic 31

She is such a nice person and insisted on taking over the household chores allowing me to get some rest and spend some time with the kids.

pic 32

I didn’t know how much time I had left so I spent as much time as I could with my youngest, watching them grow into toddlers was a joy.  It saddened me that I would not get to see them grow up though.  They were so young that they may not even remember me as their mother.  To them Susie would fill that role. I discussed this with both Tobias and Susie and we all agreed she should be referred to as Aunt Susie.

pic 33

Maya was naturally musical and loved to play on the little xylophone that used to belong to the boys.  I loved to sit and watch her and wonder if she would grow up to be a musician, it saddened me to think I wouldn’t see what any of them would become.

pic 28

Of course I still made time for my older children.  Every one of them was equally important to me.  I gave each of them a gift that I obtained while in Oasis Landing. Apollo was thrilled with the virtual pet I gave him, he carried it around with him everywhere.

pic 36

When the end came I was ready, I had set my affairs in order and left a letter telling Tobais who I wanted my heir to be.  It was now his job to tell the kids when they were older.  I was not prepared for the pain I felt when death came.  I screamed so loudly that everyone came running.

pic 37

The worst part was disappearing, I knew this would happen but it didn’t make it any less frightening.  My last wish was that my children would be happy and not make the same mistakes I did.

pic 39

As my family mourned my passing, I saw how heartbroken Tobias was.  Despite everything he had truly loved me and would miss me immensely.  I also wished that Miles had put some trousers on before coming outside.

pic 40

The Grim Reaper came to take my spirit away as is the way.  I took one final look at the home I had built up from nothing and the family I had raised before I left this world forever.

pic 41

After I was gone Miles realised the Grim Reaper was there beside him and his cowardly ways struck again.  He fainted, more than once.

Shortly after my passing Tobias decided to move away from Midnight Hollow.  There were just too many memories here.  He needed to leave to allow his heart to heal.  It would be a good move for the whole family.

pic 43

Tobias was sad when moving day came around.  This had been our home, we had been happy here.  He knew that it was time to leave though, time for a fresh start.

He was saddened more when he saw Susie appeared happy when everyone else was overcome with grief.  Poor Tobias didn’t understand her.

By the way this is where the family moved to, Starlight Shores. Tobias knew this was the place I wanted to move to, we had talked about it many times.  I hope my family will be happy here.

pic 45 pic 46

Authors note: Mia & Maya are named after Mia & Maya Fey, sisters that help Phoenix out in the first three Phoenix Wright games.

Mia Fey

Mia Fey

Maya Fey

Maya Fey


7 thoughts on “Chapter 1.7 The End of The Line

  1. Oooh, Time Travel Sickness. I’ve never had a sim afflicted before. Did it happen naturally, or was this a (very cool) way to begin the ISBI?

    • Yes, I did do this as a way to begin the ISBI. I wanted Jacklyn to die to signify the end of the thief legacy and the start of the ISBI so I read up on ways to kill a sim. Death by Paradox seemed cool so that became her fate

      I read that it happens at random. I kept my fingers crossed when Jacklyn came back but she didn’t get it so I cheated and gave her the moodlet!

  2. Cool! I love the time sickness ghost! Good end to the thievery!

  3. Oooo I like the way you ended this! I have not had the time travel sickness happen to me yet, lol I really should try.

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