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Chapter 1.6 Getting Older


Hi there, Hope everyone had a good Christmas

So sorry I haven’t updated this for a while.  I have been so excited about Scarlet aging up in the Winterton Adoptacy that I kind of neglected this one, naughty simmer.

Last time Jacklyn almost gave birth on top of poor little Miles and had twins.  Jacklyn took up writing and Tobias and Jacklyn finally got married.

Lets get started shall we I think Tobias has been left alone too long.

New (1)

Tobias: *blows raspberry*

New (3)

And this is the father of three children??  Notice the change in wallpaper, I updated the bedroom walls. I think this is nicer.

Anyway on to more important things like…leaving your child in the snow?  Tobias what are you doing dumping poor little Miles outside in the cold?

New (12)

Tobias: There is a very good reason

There had better be


New (4)

They are both either really bored or really high here, I am hoping it’s the first one.

Miles: We wait for mummy.

Oh I see it’s the usual lets stand by the cake for ages while our needs drop waiting for everyone to change into their outdoor clothes for birthday.


New (6)

Finally ok lets do this. Aww my little grape is growing up.

Miles: Daddy they’re my candles.

Jacklyn: I hate this hair

You age up soon, you can have a new do then.

Miles: Pay attention to me now!

New (14)

Miles: This is good, right?

New (16)

Miles: Nope not good. I don’t like sparkles.

He looks ok, when he’s not cross eyed! He grew up with Coward locked in.  I think he needs a makeover though.

New (18)

There much better, you’re a little cutie.

The twins are still around.  I am trying to teach them to walk and talk when their parents aren’t being needy. They entertain themselves most of the time.

New (21)

This was meant to be a cute pic of the twins playing together but Apollo kept doing that face.  It’s like he is the evil twin!


While Jacklyn was at home with the kids Tobais was invited to a party at this house.  It is the home to the Salas family, they are all ghosts.


Tobias and I explored the house and found a nursery, jackpot! I was hoping to get another crib to make things a little easier but Tobais was drawn to the toys instead.  I may visit this house again.

Tobais: Who drained all the colour?

Reminds me of a game I played recently. I think it’s called De Blob.


Tobais: What better way to relax after a night’s thieving than playing tag with strangers near a frozen pond.


Jacklyn meanwhile painting this, It reminds me a little of Duck Hunt for the NES.


Jacklyn: I feel strange.

Oh yes I forgot your birthday.

Jacklyn: No I don’t want to get old. 😥


Sorry about the walls down, she decided to grow up in the bathroom which is tiny.

Screenshot-29Jacklyn: Miles honey, don’t blow sparkles on mummy.


Miles: Yay, mummy’s old!

Jacklyn: *Has midlife crisis*

She looks pretty much the same

Jacklyn: New hair now?

Not yet, there is something I want you to do first.

snapshots (10)

Yup, we’re back at the Salas house.

Jacklyn: ugh, shut the kid up!

Um, you have three at home

snapshots (12)

Jacklyn there’s a very nice crib there

Jacklyn: Nah, this little lamb is much nicer. Tobias will love it.


snapshots (13)

How about this computer then, that’s rather nice and expensive looking.

Jacklyn: Curtains are much nicer.

Ugh, I give up.


Miles is such a good kid, he will often do useful things without prompting. I wish they were all like this.  That looks like the same painting your mum painted.

Miles: Even great artists have to start somewhere.

As do forgers


He will even do his homework without prompting.  Look at the cute kitty slippers, I love them. You may see a lot of my sims wearing them.Screenshot-10

Miles is also a great big brother to the twins, he will often play with them.


While Miles keeps Apollo happy Jacklyn teaches Zak to walk.  She also got a makeover I think she looks really good.


This is proof that I don’t always neglect toddlers.  Zak can now walk.

Jacklyn: Couldn’t you have found a more flattering picture, preferably one which doesn’t show my wrinkles.

Your getting older dearie, they will show up on any picture but I will try my best.

I have to go now but I will leave you with Apollo’s unique approach to using the play table.  I was going to include the twins birthdays this chapter but I think two is plenty this time. Hopefully it won’t be as long to the next chapter.


Apollo: I am Error


6 thoughts on “Chapter 1.6 Getting Older

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  2. Miles is so cute. Would you mind if I use him in my blog?

  3. Ha, you made me laugh – fun stuff!
    Miles’ looks a little bland before makeover, but afterwards, wowza! He’s a cutie patootie.

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