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Chapter 1.5 Double Trouble


Hi, thanks for coming back, sorry it’s been a while since my last post.  Things have been a bit busy recently what with the new kitten who is a little ball of energy with teeth and trying to get ready for christmas.

My glasses are in for repair so I am trying my best without them, if I make a lot of errors I apologise.

The last chapter ended with Jacklyn pregnant again which little Miles wasn’t too happy about.  Miles decided the best course of action was take it out on his new toy that his father ‘acquired’ for him.

new pics (7) I don’t think that’s how it works sweetie

Miles: My toy, my rules

Jacklyn took time off from her usual routine and took up writing.  She took her laptop (stolen) to the library and started on her first novel.  It’s a sci fi called Future Thieves.  It was the best I could think of at the time.  I will try and be more creative with future books.

Ignore the annoying phone ringing annoyingly.  You can see Jacklyn’s new hairstyle here. As a thief she knows the importance of changing her look regularly to avoid detection.

Pics (36)

Jacklyn: Maybe I can give up being a thief and be a full time writer instead.

Um, no.  You are supposed to be evil, you should enjoy thieving.

Jacklyn: I have a family to think of now.  I need to be a better role model, maybe I should think of a more steady income.

Theiving is the main point of this challenge you are not giving it up.  You can write as a hobby.

Tobais has spent most of his time at the park when he is not on babysitting duty.  he was there during a simfest and stopped what he was doing to watch.

Pics (25)

Tobais: He’s quite good for an old guy.

Check out that guy in shorts, he must be freezing!

Pics (27)

Tobais: Let me warm him up.

TOBIAS stop that!!

Tobias: Just trying to help.

Well help in a way that doesn’t jeopardize your marriage!

The act then mysteriously disappeared preventing the simfest from finishing.  I still haven’t been able to fix it.

Pics (30)

Tobias: Is this part of the act?

Man in shorts: Best show I’ve seen in ages. * dances*

I think the cold is getting to you.

It was then that i remembered that they weren’t married.  Private garden wedding time!

Pics (12)

Awww marriage under the full moon. Pretty

Pics (15)

Pics (16)

Look how blissfully happy Tobias is…wait what’s that?

Pics (17)

Tobias: should I be worried?

Pics (19)

Tobias: *high pitched girly scream*

Zombie: ughh ears bleading

Pics (20)

Tobias: hey baby

Tobias please, Jacklyn is right there!

Jacklyn: *death stare*

Tobias: Eep

After the wedding Jacklyn decided to show her maternal side and teach Miles how to talk.

Pics (45)

Jacklyn: The blind are the best people to steal from as they can’t see what you’re taking.  They can’t miss what they can’t see.

That’s the spirit, teach the kid the important things

Pics (46)

Jacklyn: When we have enough money we can go to Egypt and steal some cool stuff.

Jacklyn is constantly rolling wants to go to Egypt.  The family does not have enough money for that.  I am glad I am not doing the rule where I have to grant all wishes.

Jacklyn: OW!

Of course Jacklyn chooses this time to go into labour.

Pics (49) Jacklyn: *huff* you might want to move honey *huff*

Miles: *Sings inocently*

Pics (51)

Tobias: *freaks out and is generally unhelpful*

Jacklyn: move the kid *huff*

Pics (52)

Jacklyn: but I wanted a girl.

Jacklyn has a want locked in for a girl, however she had TWIN boys instead.  I may have them try one more time for a girl but not until these ones grow up.  I hate having more than one toddler, especially when they ALL CRY FOR NO REASON.

Ok rant over.  I aged the two boys up as babies are boring.

This is Apollo. Isn’t he cute

Pics (54)

His fav colour is Irish green. I can’t remember the rest or his traits and I can’t see the notes at the mo.  I will give a proper intro later on.  He is named after this guy, Apollo Justice.  Apollo is Phoenix’s junior lawyer and has a game named after him.

apollo justice

His twin brother is Zak.  His fav colour is sea foam.  Both the boys were born with Jacklyn’s hair colour.  I have changed it to their fav colours, very helpful to tell them apart when there are three of them crawling around.  I left the pink tips on Apollo because it looks cute.

Pics (56)

Anyway he is named after this guy. Zak Granmere.  Zak is a Defendant in one of the cases in Apollo Justice.  I won’t say anymore, spoilers.  I don’t want to ruin it for anyone who hasn’t played the game yet.


I think they look almost indentical, we shall see if they stay that way as they grow up.

Pics (21)

Tobias leaves Jacklyn pulling her hair out with three screaming toddlers to go snowboarding.  He is actually really good at it.

Pics (32)

Stupid sims are still watching the invisable man.  Look the guy in shorts is back and he’s got a friend!

Tobias: Snowman time!

ManinShorts: I told you this show was good

ManinTowel: Amazing!

Don’t any of these sims know how to dress appropriately!

Pics (37)

That evening Jacklyn visits the town hall in an attempt to find some higher valued items to count towards her LTW.  This car should be good.

Pics (41)

Jacklyn: No one will miss this huge statue right?

I don’t know, it is rather big. How can you get that in your pockets??

Jacklyn: I’ll just take this ikkle light first.

Enough with the lights.  Anymore and your garden will start to look like Blackpool illuminations!!

Jacklyn: What’s Blackpool?

A town in Northern England.

Jacklyn: What’s England?

Anyhoo, the twins got Imaginary Friend dolls. Wait a moment while I contain my exitement. -.-

Pics (57)

I named Apollo’s doll Trucy.  It is named after this girl, Trucy Wright.  She is Apollo’s partner and Phoenix’s daughter in the Apollo Justice game.  She also appears in the new 3DS game ‘Dual Destinies’

trucy wright

Pics (58)

Zak’s doll is named Valant.  It is named after Zak’s partner Valant from the Troupe Granmere. He also appears in the Apollo Justice game.

valant granmere

I shall leave you with Zak’s fail.  It is sad but unavoidable when you have three toddlers sharing one crib.  The sad life of being born this early in the legacy.  See you next time. I will try and get at least one more chapter out before christmas.  Bearing in mind I have just been made redundant and finish work the Friday before christmas it shouldn’t be too hard.

snapshots (9)


8 thoughts on “Chapter 1.5 Double Trouble

  1. Wow! They are all so cute! Would you be able to put any of them up for download? So much cute!

  2. Such cuties. I really hope Zak and Apollo are identical – I’ve never had identical twins in my game. They always look different. Love Apollo’s pink tips, too cute!

    • Me neither, these two did not turn out to be identical although they do still look similar.
      I like experimenting with different colours in their hair and clothing. I think the pink came from his original hair colour and I left it in. I don’t think it is as noticeable in the hairstyle I gave him when he grew up.

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  4. Aw so much cute. I like Apollo’s hair.

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