The Mendoza ISBI

Idiots do it their way

Chapter 1.3 When one thief just isn’t enough


Look isn’t this town pretty.

Jacklyn: Why are you showing a picture that hasn’t got me in it?

I am trying to show the beauty of Midnight Hollow. Stop spoiling the intro

Jacklyn: You only took that picture because of the rainbow.

Mendoza (22)

You sound a bit grouchy how about some breakfast?

Jacklyn: OK *rushes to consession stand*

Hold the phone who’s that sitting behind you?

Jacklyn: *is to distracted by food to notice* So many choices, what to have.

Mendoza (61)

Nothing much happened after that and I couldn’t find the guy.

Jacklyn: What guy?

Doesn’t matter just go steal something good.

Mendoza (66)

Jacklyn: How about this table, ooh and this TV!

Works for me.

I sent Jacklyn to the fire station to fulfill some of her needs when who should appear.

Jacklyn: Who, this guy?

Quit interupting.

Jacklyn: Maybe you should get to your point quicker.

Stop grumbling and go say hello

Jacklyn: You can’t tell me what to do!

Actually dearie I can!

Jacklyn: Details.

Mendoza (56)

So Jacklyn talks to the guy (His name is Tobias Marshall) and they end up playing tag.

Jacklyn: I win!!

Mendoza (57)

Tobias: I don’t mind loosing to someone as purty as you. *stares lovingly*

Jacklyn: (Well done you’ve found another freak!) Thanks

He is the best we’ve found so far, I’m sure you’ll grow to like him.

Mendoza (81)

Everywhere Jacklyn went after that this guy was sure to follow. He is beginning to feel a bit like a stalker.

Tobais: Just coincidence I assure you.

If you say so

Tobias: I do. 😀

Mendoza (92)

After spamming the romantic interactions they are finally in a relationship.

Jacklyn: (I still don’t think this is going to work out)

You don’t have a say in this.

Tobias: You taste good ❤

Mendoza (100)

Jacklyn:(I hate you)

No you don’t, now make me an heir.

*lullaby* 😀

Mendoza (135)

I moved Tobais in and was suprised to discover he has the klepto trait too.  Happy days.  This will be helpful when Jacklyn starts popping out sprogs.

Jacklyn: I’m not ruining this figure by getting pregnant.

Mendoza (127)

Too late dearie.

Jacklyn: Out the way! Gonna hurl!!

Tobais: What’s going on?

You’ll find out soon enough

Mendoza (130)

Hooray, baby time!

Jacklyn: Why me?

Because this is a legacy and an heir is needed.

Jacklyn: Can’t Tobias have the babies instead?

That would be impossible.

Mendoza (138)

Jacklyn: What about toilets, are they needed?

Yes, definately! Take it, take it, take it!!

Mendoza (114)

Meanwhile at home Tobias is keeping himself busy. XD


3 thoughts on “Chapter 1.3 When one thief just isn’t enough

  1. LOL, Tobias is busy making faces at the mirror. Too funny.

    Can Jacklyn steal cribs/baby stuff, or will she be buying that stuff? I assume you can sell the stuff she steals as well as use it? There is a limit to the number of useful lights, after all.

  2. I know, Tobias is great. I love the childish trait makes them more fun.

    Yes she can, I think Tobias actually stole a crib at one point. The rules I was following here were a combination of the Klepto King challenge and the rules on ‘The legacy of Theives’ blog I read which is where I got the idea from. The rules I was following stated that any item taken can’t be sold it must be kept or returned. Add on to that Jacklyn’s LTW which was possesion is nine tenths of the law. I did get a bit tired of all the lights and curtains she chose to steal all the time though! 🙂

  3. Tobias is great! Can’t wait to see the baby

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